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2017 OA May Ordeal

2017 OA May Ordeal
Last Day To Register
5/4/2017 11:55 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.

Come Join us for the May OA Ordeal weekend!


The introduction weekend is the cornerstonr of the Order of the Arrow experience. Every Current and past member of the OA has participated in an ordeal weekend. To date, nearly 1 million Scouts and Scouters have participated in an induction to become members of our order. 

Your time will be spent in cheerful service preparing camp for the summer season. This weekend will be used for each candidate to reflect upon one's time in Scouting and for them to consider what they will do going forward. Every induction weekend contains three key parts; taking a vow of silence, eating scant food, and spending a night away from others. All components of this weekend adhere to The Guide to Safe Scouting and are supervised by trained and qualified adults. 

To find out more about the weekend, view our candidate guide, and event information please visit our website at

Plan to arrice at Cherokee Scout Reservation between 6pm and 8pm on Friday, May 5th.

Departure will be on Saturday evening around 7:30pm. We will dismiss when all facilities have been cleaned. 

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$15.00 per Members
$50.00 per Ordeal Candidate
$10.00 per Sat. Dinner Only

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