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Council/Guilford District Popcorn Kickoff

Council/Guilford District Popcorn Kickoff
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8/15/2018 11:55 PM
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2018 Popcorn Training Kickoff – August 18

Want a copy of the flyer to distribute? Click here!

Take a quick moment to look at your Unit’s annual budget.  Now what if I told you that with enough hard work and proper planning you could raise most, if not all of the dollars needed for the calculated expenses (rank, advancements, camping equipment, uniforms, registration fees, camp fees, special trips, etc.) in just over a month.  Doesn’t that sound enticing?  This is possible through the popcorn sale!  Not only that, but the kids get prizes along the way for reaching certain sales levels!  Those Units that are currently selling can attest to all of this.  One month of hard work towards a successful sale and your Unit can concentrate on and afford what matters…a fun, educational, and safe Scouting Program in your Unit!


So let’s get excited about popcorn for this fall!  This year’s Popcorn Kickoff Seminar will be on August 18 at 10:00am in the Council Office.  The theme for this year’s popcorn sale is Transform Your Scouting Year Through Popcorn!  Please RSVP back to me by August 15 via email at or register online at!!! We will have food available for everyone, including popcorn samples.  There will be lots of prizes to give away and great information about this Fall’s sale and some good surprises! You don’t want to miss all the new updates to the sale, new prize programs, and tools available from Trails-End.  If you’re unable to attend, please make sure someone from your unit is available to come.


Thanks for all you’re doing for Scouting and as always, if we can be of service, don’t hesitate to contact us!