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Jamboree on the Air! (and on the Internet!)

Jamboree on the Air! (and on the Internet!)
Last Day To Register
10/14/2018 11:55 PM
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The last date for registration has passed.


Please click here for the printable flyer.

Join us here at the Old North State Council building for one of two sessions.  Come and go between stations in the building to see what is going on around the world! 

Come as a Pack, Den, Troop or Crew.  Bring your buddies that are not in scouting.  We want you to get to meet, talk and play games with scouts from all around the world!  Drop in for an hour or stay for the entire session, the choice is yours.

Bring your laptop or tablet.  If you play/build on Mindcraft, bring the devise you play on, there is a special area just for this event in the Mindcraft world!  How awesome to get to meet folks at a virtual campsite and have some scouting adventures!

You are highly encouraged to bring your own device.  You will have limited access to a device being brought by our event hosts, but if you have a portable device like a laptop we encourage you to bring it. 

When you meet folks there you will be sharing some basic information just like you do when you meet at camp in real life.  But we will also have a code that you will share that helps us track contacts around the world.  That code we will give you the day of the event. Join us on Facebook at  

October 20, 2018

Session 1:  9-12

Session 2:  1-3

No Fee to participate

Please register as an individual or a unit so we can prep the space accordingly.