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Camp Physicals Clinic

Camp Physicals Clinic
Last Day To Register
3/26/2020 11:55 PM
1511 Westover Terrace
Greensboro, NC 27408, US
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The last date for registration has passed.


Old North State Council
Camp Physicals Clinic

Physicals are available for anyone planning to attend resident camp for the upcoming summer season or for high adventure trips, such as Philmont, Northern Tier, or others.

Current Annual BSA Health and Medical Records ONLY, unless your BSA high adventure activity has a special BSA Health and Medical Record. The most current printing of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Record is the 2019 Printing. The 2014 printing can be accepted only until January 1, 2021.

Appointments are pre-paid, first come-first served, by appointment only. Cash, check, or credit card only - we cannot accept insurance for this clinic.

PLEASE DO NOT contact Merritt Medical Plaza concerning registrations, appointments, or other information concerning the clinic. Contact Nita Grubbs at the ONSC Office at 336-378-9166 or

The printable registration form can be found here

Contact E-mail
$25.00 per 9:00-9:10am
$25.00 per 9:10-9:20am
$25.00 per 9:20-9:30am
$25.00 per 9:30-9:40am
$25.00 per 9:40-9:50am
$25.00 per 9:50-10:00am
$25.00 per 10:00-10:10am
$25.00 per 10:10-10:20am
$25.00 per 10:20-10:30am
$25.00 per 10:30-10:40am
$25.00 per 10:40-10:50am
$25.00 per 10:50-11:00am
$25.00 per 11:00-11:10am
$25.00 per 11:10-11:20am
$25.00 per 11:20-11:30am
$25.00 per 11:30-11:40am
$25.00 per 11:40-11:50am

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