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Cherokee Scouts BSA Camporee

Cherokee Scouts BSA Camporee
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10/18/2020 11:55 PM
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C H E R O K E E   D I S T R I C T

Fall Camporee

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The Scoutmaster packet can be found here!

Dear Scouts and Scouters,

                The Cherokee District Camping Committee and Troop 566 from Stoneville invites all Scouts and Scouters to take part in the 2020 Spring Camporee at Camp Jo Ann Comer near Stoneville, NC. This is our troop camp where we have had several other camporees before.

          The Camporee will consist of several activities all centered around the Wilderness Rendezvous theme.  These activities can be fun, and challenging events for Scouts of all ages. Patrol flags should be carried and displayed during the Morning Assembly and Activities.

        The Camporee is free to all participants, youth and adults. All cost will be covered Troop 566.  This includes a patch, program supplies, recognition' items and portable toilets. Preregistration is required and you can use the forms that are included in this packet. 

          The Camporee is limited to only Scout Troops ( boy or girl )in Cherokee District. There will be a Saturday night campfire. Don’t forget to bring blankets to sit on or camp chairs and flashlights. Parents and siblings are invited to attend the campfire. The Scout Oath and Law will guide all activities, events and individual behavior. We look forward to a great weekend of camping.


Henry “Camp” Thornton

Scoutmaster & Camporee Chief


Cherokee District

 2020 Fall Camporee

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