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Council Cub Shooting BB & Archery

Council Cub Shooting BB & Archery
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Please visit the shooting sports page for more details. 

Cub Scouts Shooting Sports Program

The Old North State Council Shooting Sports Committee offers off-season shooting sports opportunities for Cub Packs at Woodfield Scout Preservation.   Cub shooting programs include BB & Archery shooting under the supervision of the council’s  “Woodfield Range Officers.”


BSA program guidelines include safety instruction and range shooting programs for cubs, using bb rifles and archery at council and district events, by certified range officers. Our council is making available several shooting program days to enhance pack programming:

  • Packs may pre-register & reserve shooting programs at the Woodfield bb and/or archery ranges. (see the Woodfield cub shooting sports calendar for dates) shooting programs at each range last 75 minutes (9:45-11:00 , 11:00-12:15 , 1:15-2:30, 2:30-3:45. ) 
  • Parent/cub shooting pairs are encouraged with a maximum number of shooters per hour of 30.
  • The Woodfield range officers will supervise all shooting at these events and serve as the “lead range safety officer” supervising each range. Adults from each pack, certified as cub scout bb /archery instructors, are desirable to assist the “lead” during the pack’s shooting experience.
  • “A safety and shooting basics lesson will be conducted for the pack as part of the session. If additional focus is desired for belt loop and/or sports pin requirements please request prior to reservation date”.
  • A shooting sports fee (youth or adult) of $3/person/day of shooting is payable with pack registration.


Cub Scout Shooting Sports Dates:

March 9, 2019
April 13, 2019
May 11, 2019
Nov. 9, 2019 


An Application of Use of Facilities must also be submitted.

Want to become a Woodfield Range Officer? 

Join the team of volunteers who supervise & conduct the ONSC Cub Shooting programs:


–Registered Scouter (21 yrs old)

–Become certified (as a “Woodfield Range Safety Officer”  by completing a Cub Scout BB/Archery Instructor  training & attending a WRSO Orientation.  (If you currently are certified as a CS BB/Archery Instructor  you need only attend the WRSO Orientation.)*

–Become First  Aid & CPR certified (within 6 months of certification)

–Serve as a Range Officer @ Woodfield, at least one weekend per year. 

* Cub Scout BB/Archery Instructor  certification is valid for 2 years.  WROs must maintain this certification to serve.

Click here for the Woodfield Range Officer Reservation Form & online registration...
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